DC will not produce new content for MAD magazine “Lay Off” Senior Editor


Looks like the cuts continue in DC. Lately we know that Tom King’s Batman run has been shortened, DC Vertigo’s classic imprint is disappearing, and they are going to stop doubling delivery titles next year. Now there is yet another victim of cuts, MAG Magazine.

We learned via Newsarama that the classic satirical magazine founded in 1952 by cartoonist Harvey Kurtzman and publisher William Gaines will stop producing new content after Issue 10 in October. After that, the issues will have reprinted content.

“MAD will be leaving the newsstand after number 9. MAD # 9 will be on newsstands in early August with brand new content”, DC comic book marketing director Adam Phillips said in a message to comic book store retailers Thursday. “Issue 10 will also contain new content and will be available only through the direct market and subscriptions. Subsequent issues will feature classic MAD coins reprinted with all new covers.

With that via Twitter we also learned that MAG Magazine Editor-in-chief Dan Telfer has been “fired” by DC. In addition to being an editor, he had also written for the magazine. He had held this position since September 2017, when MAD was restarted with a new issue # 1.

At one point the book was so popular that over 2 million copies were printed with each issue in 1974. But nothing lasts forever, so it seems MAD could end soon as it makes no sense to offer subscribers reprinted content that is irrelevant at the time. As with the rest of the changes at DC, I’m assuming these changes are from WarnerMedia as these aren’t the plans we had heard about at previous DC publisher conventions.

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Source: Newsarama

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