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Laker aspires to be on the cover of Inked magazine

Voting for the top 15 entrants ends February 3

Photo submitted

The search for the next Inked Cover Girl is on, and Sylvan Lake’s Taelyn Hurrell aspires to be the one.

“I really promote the lifestyle of being yourself and being kind to each other. I think it’s really important to feel good about the way you act and treat people in a way that to be able to sleep with a sound mind,” Hurrell shared on her Inked Cover Girl website profile. “I would really appreciate it if anyone in the area checks out the link and sends me a vote. It would mean a lot to me and my tattoo artist,” she said.

Each person is eligible to share one vote per day through February 3 at 7 p.m. at

The 21-year-old tattoo enthusiast who took a liking to it just a year ago has now lost count of her tattoos, inked with a full sleeve and other individual designs created by Sylvan Lake tattoo artist Aaron Garand.

“I was really picky about what kind of tattoo I wanted and I would go through his (Aaron Garand) Instagram and try to find someone local. I don’t know, something just got stuck. Seems like he put a lot of effort into his job and really cares about his job. It focuses on a lot of traditional Japanese-style artwork and that really interested me, it’s my favorite style,” Hurrell said.

Hurrell, who dreams of becoming a professional singer, sees this competition as a step to make herself known to the public.

Taelyn Hurrel.  Photo submitted

Taelyn Hurrel. Photo submitted

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