Letter from the editors of Jameela Jamil: “Have we lived in a meaningful way?


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  • The main priority of the guest editor this month? To make sure you’re okay.


    Bloody hell. It’s March again.

    It is such a joy to be invited to cover the cover of Marie Claire United Kingdom and contribute as a guest editor this month.

    How are you? How are you? If you are still alive then you have already achieved a phenomenon, so if, like me, you have really evolved in all other ways (I barely brushed my teeth on some days) as a human being … c ‘is OK. You survived a pandemic. Top level turn out in my books.

    And now you have the chance to work on the next phase of your life. The one that started after we were all exposed to truths and value systems that we can never ignore again.

    Have we lived well?

    Have we lived in a meaningful way?

    Were we surrounded by the right people?

    Did we pay attention to the right things?

    Were we really going in the right direction?

    Were we happy?

    When we look back on our death beds, will we be happy with who we were and what we did?

    These are the questions that the last twelve months have flooded me. I am excited at the prospect of what we can become now that we are a society more open to the truth, more aware of who deserves our respect and attention, and more open to difficult conversations.

    Misogyny, racism, transphobia, ableism… these are all things we lean on to discuss. We are no longer so easily discouraged and silenced by the rolling eyes, yawning and outright gaslighting of the privileged who do this – who make us ashamed of not telling the truth, because it threatens their lives. position and comfort.

    Remember that the equality of the privileged is like oppression. We all need to face this feeling and look for ways to extend our privilege to others..

    We must share, care and protect.

    We need to fend for ourselves and help, even when we don’t know what we’re doing, and when embarrassing mistakes can arise (and I speak from experience.) We need to work every day to make progress and let go of our appetite for perfection. .

    We have to try.

    We have seen too much to return to the present situation. So now we have to move forward together, learn as much as possible, as fast as possible, and try to help each other when we fall.

    I’m so sorry if I sound drunk in this letter. I’m not. I just feel more than I know what to do with these days. Sometimes it is even difficult to know how to put it into words.

    But I hope you like this issue. And I really hope you are doing well.

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