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Why does Siemens want a content company?

In an age when new packages are coming online quickly and the number of parts available is staggering – major OEMs can have over 100,000 items on their line card – human management of it all requires supernatural powers.

And that starts to explain why Siemens is paying $ 700 million (what?!?) For Supplyframe and its platform for component data, sourcing, and trends.

Indeed, the real value provided by Supplyframe is not only access to datasheets and parametric data, but to data trends in real time. What is available? What is the rise in demand? And for how long ? Supplyframe says it can aggregate usage patterns in its database of 10 million engineers to determine the answers to these and related questions. It can also analyze by industry and geography to determine which components are increasing or stagnating in demand. There is obvious value in this. This scale is impressive.

Now, one could argue that even real-time data is reactive, when what the supply chain needs is predictive, as in foresight. No word as to the extent to which Supplyframe customers have been bowed by the intense and increasing pressure on component inventories over the past nine months. We would like to know.

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