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Mario testino

Vogue offers an escape from the mundane of everyday life, but we’re also proud to be a magazine that includes a view of the world beyond pure fashion. Currently, the 2016 Olympic Games are taking place in Brazil, in the shadow of the Zika virus.

As we marvel and admire the displays of physical and athletic prowess in the games, in the same country, a desperate search is underway to find a way to contain this virus, which is having such devastating physical effects. In “On the Zika Front Line” (page 334), Jenny Barchfield addresses those leading the fight.

On the other end of the social observation spectrum, this month we present West London’s new restaurant, Farmacy (see page 215), which thanks to its superfood recipes and healthy eating, has become the city’s most fashionable hangout. Clearly times have changed (I remember when the most fashionable places were – almost by definition – unhealthy), but recent political events have shown that change is most definitely the only thing we can be sure of. for the moment.

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