Special Events Magazine’s Content Director Lisa Hurley bids farewell.


My long-standing business motto has been, “Don’t look back and don’t look down!”

But I’m looking back now. After 21 wonderful years with Special Events Magazine and The Special Event, I take a step back. Our company, Informa, has been kind enough to offer a starter package to people like me who have been around for a ridiculous time, and I’m taking it.

From Australia to Austin, from the Bahamas to Boston, from Dubai to Denver, my tenure at Special events allowed me to travel to amazing places. I am so grateful for this. (And my husband is envious because my passport has colder stamps than his.)

I am even more grateful for the experiences I have had with all of you.

I remember our guests walking into the gorgeous Las Vegas Wedding Luncheon in 2004 and bursting into tears because it was so beautiful. (Thanks, Cheryl Fish.)

And always, always, I’m so proud of the Special events Gala award. It was a privilege to see event professionals take the stage to enjoy the recognition they so well deserve. These moments are engraved in my heart.

I’m also grateful to the business owners who shared their stories, good and bad, for our endless articles and lists: the rental industry, business forecasts, great DMCs, and more. When I started to Special events, some great economic reporters called on me because I was unable to quantify the size and scope of our industry. We’ve made it our goal to fix that – an initiative that is even more important as our industry fights to prove it deserves COVID relief in these trying times.

The Special events The brand will be in good hands and my colleague Kathleen Stoehr of Catersource will take the reins. And you better promise me you’ll be at The Special Event + Catersource 2021 in Miami Beach in July.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty, excitement and power of special events.

I wish you better and brighter days,


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